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How To Create Thai Sentences and Questions in 2 minutes

Is it difficult to create a Thai sentence? Create your first Thai sentences and questions here in just 2 minutes!

Thai language is easier than you think! In this blog, I will show you how to form a sentence by using these simple thai words. Let's start together!

Tip #1 - Start with Thai pronouns

Make sure you understand and remember the pronoun. At least the word for "I" and "you".

(Good news! Sometimes we don't even add the pronoun to the sentences when it acts as the subject. You can just simply omit it!)

Tip #2 - Learn some basic verbs in Thai

The 8 essential verbs below are the most common use in thai daily conversation. You can put the verb after the pronoun to create a positive sentence. Luckily there is NO changing form of verbs when you use with singular or plural subjects.

And if you want to create a negative sentence, just add "ไม่ mâi" before a verb.

For example

  • I go = Chan bpai

  • I don't go = Chan mâi bpai

Tip #3 - Question words in Thai (What, where, who, etc.)

You can make questions by just adding these words below at the end of the sentences.

For example

  • You do = Khun tam

  • What are you doing? = Khun tam arai?

Tip #4 - Now, test your understanding!

Alright! let me sum up briefly

  • Create a positive sentence: Pronoun + Verb

  • Create a negative sentence: Pronoun + ไม่ mâi + Verb

  • Create a question: Pronoun + Verb + Question word

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