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Level: Beginner


Group 2: Tue 16.00-17.00

                Thu 16.00-17.00

(GMT +7:00) Bangkok Time Zone

Date: Tue 6 October - Thu 5 September


Lesson Plan

  • Introducing Yourself

    -Be able to introduce yourself and understand basic questions

    -Know how to apply Pronoun and Possessive correctly

  • Family & Friends

    -Construct multiple sentences about Hobbies & Interests

    -Hold the Thai conversation smoothly

  • Verbs | Passive & Active Voice

    -Understand the most used Thai verbs in daily life

    -Create passive & active voice sentences with different pronouns

  • Feeling

    -Vocabulary about expressions and people

    -Know how to construct Positive & Negative sentences

  • Adjective & Adverb

    -Understand word order in Thai grammar

    -Use adjective & adverb to extend the sentences

  • How to make a question #1

    -Create a question with “What”, “Where”, “How”

    -Form the answers

  • How to make a question #2

    -Create a question with “When”, “Who”, “Whose”

    -Form the answers

  • Conjunction

    -Connect the sentences by using a variety of conjunctions

  • Common Phrases & Slang

    -Know the ready-to-use Phrases

    -Understand Thai Slang words

  • Summary and Speaking & Listening Test

Group 2: "Thai Fast Track" 10 hrs LIVE Course

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