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To enroll in our Thai language classes, please follow these steps:

  • Choose Your Preferred Course Time:

    • Select the course code corresponding to your preferred time (e.g., A1.1 - SP111).
  • Add Subsequent Courses:

    • If you wish to enroll in the full A1 course, select the appropriate code for the next option (e.g., A1.2 - +SP121) and save 600 THB.
  • Alternative Procedure:

    • In the final option, select your alternative choice in case the course can't start.


After purchasing, our teacher will contact you 1 week before the class starts to provide the Zoom link and class materials. We will keep you updated on the class status as we approach the start date. Thank you for choosing to learn with us!

Speaking Thai A1 [Zoom Class] Beginner

  • Unit 1: Introduction Oneself

    • Basic Thai greetings with cultural insight

    • Introduce oneself

    • Pronouns

    • How to make and answer the question: “What? - อะไร /arai/”


    Unit 2: My Family

    • Vocabulary: family members

    • Thai family culture

    • Making possession with “ของ /khǎwng/”

    • How to make and answer a yes-no question: “Or not? - ไหม /mái/”


    Unit 3: Verbs

    • Vocabulary: useful verbs

    • Helping verb for continuous: “กำลัง /gamlang/”

    • Making negative structure: “ไม่ /mâi/”

    • Telling ability with “ได้ /dâai/” and “ไม่ได้ /mâi dâai/”

    • Making a question with “ได้ไหม /dâai mái/”


    Unit 4: Feelings

    • Vocabulary: feelings

    • How to ask “How is…?” in Thai

    • How to express your feeling in Thai with “มาก /mâak/,” “นิดหน่อย /nít-nàwi/” and “ ไม่…เลย /mâi…leei/”

    • The conjunctions: “when - เวลา /wee-laa/,” “but - แต่ /dtàae/ and “because - เพราะ /práw/”


    Unit 5: Days and Time

    Part 1

    • 7 days in a week with cultural insight

    • Counting numbers

    • How to ask and answer the question: “What date…? - วันที่เท่าไร /wan tîi tâo-rài/”

    Part 2

    • Telling time with cultural insight

    • How to ask: “What time is it now? - ตอนนี้กี่โมงแล้ว /dtaawn níi gìi mohng láaeo/”

    • How to ask and answer the question: “What time do you…? - …กี่โมง /gìi mohng/”

    • Vocabulary: daily activities

    • Parts of the day

    • How to ask and answer the question: “Which parts of the day…? - …ตอนไหน /dtaawn nǎi/”

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