Thai Class Via Zoom !

Level: Upper-Beginner


Group 3:

Sat 19.00-21.00 PM

(GMT +7:00) Bangkok Time Zone

Date: Sat 10 October - Sat 7 November




Lesson Plan: Thai Fast Track #2


  • At Work / Referring to people

-Be able to communicate with Thai colleagues

-Learn business vocabulary

-Grammar: More people/other people/another person / myself/yourself

  • Places And Transportation

-Ask and explain the direction

-Name of places in Thai

-Grammar: Preposition  


  • Rules in Thailand

-Learn Thai from stories: Thai lifestyle / belief

-Grammar: Do & Don’t


  • Extended Sentence

-Create longer sentences/State the opinion

-Grammar: Sure/ not sure/ probably


  • Semi-formal conversation

-Understand the level of Thai language

-Grammar: Synonym


  • How to make a question #3

-Create a question with “To what extent? / to what point?”

-Form the answers


  • How to make a question #4

-Create a question with “what kind”

-Form the answers


  • Request / Using “Hai”

-Connect the sentences by using a variety of conjunctions

-Grammar: Let/allow/ make someone do something


  • Common Phrases & Slang #2

-Know the ready-to-use Phrases

-Understand Thai Slang words

  • Summary and Speaking & Listening Test

(VOL.2) Group 3: "Thai Fast Track" 10 hrs LIVE Course

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