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20 Useful Expressions "What are you thinking?" "What are you afraid of?" in Thai

Are you fascinated by the rich and melodious sounds of the Thai language? Do you find yourself eager to express your thoughts and emotions in this enchanting tongue?

Look no further! In this blog, we've compiled 20 essential Thai expressions that will undoubtedly elevate your language skills and make you a confident communicator in no time.

Super Useful Short Expressions, Part 8 (low-intermediate level)

  1. เป็นอะไร (bpen à-rai) Are you okay? / What’s wrong? / What’s going on?

  2. มีใครไปบ้าง (mii krai bpai bâang) Who’s going?

  3. บอกว่าอะไร(คะ/ครับ) bɔ̀ɔk wâa à-rai (ká/kráp) What did he say?

  4. พูดถึงอะไร (pûut-tʉ̌ ng à-rai) What are you talking about?

  5. คิดอะไรอยู่ (kít à-rai yùu) What are you thinking? / What are you thinking about?

  6. ไปเอามาจากไหน (bpai ao maa jàak nǎi) Where did you get it/that?

  7. ทำอะไรอยู่ / ทำอะไรอ่ะ INFORMAL (tam à-rai yùu / tam à-rai à) What are you doing?

  8. ช่วยหน่อย INFORMAL (chûai nɔ̀i) Help me. / Can you help me?

  9. ว่ายังไงบ้างครับ (wâa yang-ngai bâang kráp) What did she say?

  10. กลัวอะไร (glua à-rai) What are you afraid of?

  11. จำไม่ได้หรือ (jam mâi-dâi rə̌ ə) You don’t remember? / Don’t you remember?

  12. นานแค่ไหนแล้วที่... (naankɛ̂ɛ-nǎilɛ́ɛotîi...) How long (has it been since)... ?

  13. ใครจะไปรู้ (krai jà bpai rúu) Who knows? / It’s anyone’s guess. / You never know.

  14. จะซื้ออะไรให้ดี (jà sʉ́ ʉ à-rai hâi dii) What should I get (him)? (for example: for his birthday)

  15. (...) จะว่ายังไง (...) jà wâa yang-ngai What would (...) say/think? What do (you) say? / What do (you) have to say to that? / What do (you) think?

  16. เอาอย่างนี้/งี้ (ao yàang níi/ngíi) How about this...? / I tell you what... / Okay, then... (giving suggestion)

  17. เคยไปหรือ (kəəi bpai rə̌ ə) Oh, have you been (there) before? / Oh, you’ve been there before?

  18. ดีขึ้นไหม (dii-kʉ̂ n mǎi) Are you better now? / Is it better now?

  19. มันผิดตรงไหน (man pìt dtrong-nǎi) What’s wrong with that/it?

  20. เขาทำอะไรคุณ (kao tam à-rai kun) What did (she) do to you?

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So, what are you waiting for? Start incorporating these expressions into your daily conversations and witness the magic of Thai language unfold before you. Happy learning!


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