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Book a Private Session with Kru Chom & Team to speed up your Thai.

Choose the date and time you want to start your customized class.

  • In-Person Class is available in Bangkok area and nearby cities.

  • Online Class is available worldwide via Video Call.

  • Workshop/ 1-Day Seminar 

Zoom class 

Learn Thai anywhere! Effective and Efficient

Study online from home and still get the same result as an in-person class! Create your own path with Kru Chom and our professional teachers!

Thai Private Class
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Want to Learn Thai But Don’t Know Where to Start?
Book Private Session with Us


Why Should You Take a Private Session?
  • Take the lesson whenever and wherever you want, according to your schedule.

  • Start from your level and background! No repeat what you already know!

  • Move at your own pace. Speak & Practice as long as you wish during the lesson time.

  • Language Coaching: Help you improve step-by-step and successfully in learning a foreign language.

  • Learn to develop your own Thai sentences in 1 hour. Communicate Thai effectively in just a short time.


What Will You Get?
  • The recordings after the live sessions.

  • Customized lessons that suit your level and learning goal.

  • Personal feedback and homework

How to Book a Class

For the best results of learning Thai with a customized lesson in a private class,

please click to fill out the form below. Kru Chom will contact you back to confirm the class.

Our rate

Learn Thai With Kru Chom 
  • 10 hrs 11,000 THB  

  • 15 hrs 14,250 THB  (Most popular)

  • 20 hrs 18,000 THB  

Private Group: Price for 2 students  (+150 THB/person/hr)
  • 10 hrs 11,000 + 1,500 THB    (6,250 THB/person)  

  • 15 hrs 14,250 + 2,250 THB    (8,250 THB/person)    

  • 20 hrs 19,900 + 3,000 THB  (11,450 THB/person)  

For more than 2 persons, don't hesitate to get in touch with

*UPDATED: Currently, the bookings with Kru Chom are closed due to full-scheduled. In case you would like to book the sessions, your name will be put on the waiting list. 

Senior teachers

(3-5+ years of teaching experience)

  • 10 hrs     8,500 THB 

  • 20 hrs    16,000 THB(Most popular)

Junior teachers

(less than 3 years of teaching experience)​

  • 10 hrs     6,500 THB 

  • 20 hrs    12,500 THB  (Most popular)

Trial Class

  • 1-hr 850 THB (Trial Class) with Senior Teachers

  • 1-hr 650 THB (Trial Class) with Junior Teachers

What Students Say

Stephanie, USA

“I loved Thai class with Kru Chom! Your energy and creativity in coming up with sentence examples was very engaging. You are a natural teacher and it's clear that your knowledge of Thai and English are strong.”

Matilda, Finland

Learning Thai with Kru Chom has been so much fun! The way she teaches is great and easy to follow along, the exercises are nice and she really knows how to keep students motivated. I highly recommend Kru Chom as a teacher and I'm already looking forward for our next classes together. :)

Christopher, Germany

What Chom sets apart from many online Thai Teachers is her outstanding english. That enables her to explain differences between Thai and English much better than most other Teachers. Her lessons are always well prepared and the teaching material is very good. Highly recommended!

Private Class Policy for Online Class via Zoom:

  1. Cancellation Policy: Students must notify the school at least 24 hours before the scheduled class if they wish to cancel. Failure to do so will result in the class being counted as absent without the option of a make-up session.

  2. Make-Up Classes: Make-up classes can be rescheduled up to a maximum of two times in the event of postponements. If a student requests further postponements beyond the second reschedule, it will be counted as an absence.

  3. Late Attendance: If a student arrives more than 15 minutes late, the class will be canceled and counted as an hour used from the package purchased.

  4. Respectful Behavior: Students are expected to be respectful towards the instructor and fellow classmates at all times.

  5. Technical Issues: In the event of technical issues such as poor internet connection or power outages, make-up classes will be provided.

  6. Completion of Purchased Hours: Students who fail to complete the hours they have purchased will not be eligible for a refund for the remaining hours.

  7. Refund Policy: Refunds will only be issued if a student studies with our teacher for the first time and decides not to continue further with the classes.

By enrolling in the class, students agree to adhere to these policies and any additional guidelines provided by the school. Non-compliance with the class policy may result in disciplinary action.

Our Thai Courses

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