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Student Reviews

Thai Language Course by Thai By Chom helps many students from around the world to achieve their goal of learning Thai. See what they think about the lessons with Kru Chompu Sriyotee!

Students of Thai by Chom

Thai language learners with Kru Chom

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International students


Interactive Zoom class for all Thai levels

“I loved Thai class with Kru Chom! Your energy and creativity in coming up with sentence examples were very engaging. You are a natural teacher and it's clear that your knowledge of Thai and English are strong.”

--- Stephanie, USA (Group Class)



“Kru Chom is a good and fun teacher. She answers all of the questions of students even though it's not in the lesson and her lessons are very helpful and easy to understand. I will definitely be taking lessons again with her.”

--- Nicole, Philippines (Group Class)



“I've struggled with learning Thai since the beginning. But when learning with Kru Chom, she offers a new teaching method and the perfect materials. She's a very kind, polite and funny person. She always finds the easiest way to ensure that I understand the contents thoroughly. I highly recommend taking a private class with her if possible.”

--- Ivie, Vietnam (Private Class)



“I joined the group class and it helped me a lot to improve my Thai language skills. Great class and an excellent teacher.”

--- Bernhard, Germany (Group Class)


“I made more progress in five weeks with Kru Chom than I had made with two other self-study classes. Kru Chom's focus on useful conversational language is great! Highly recommended!”

--- Jim, USA (Group Class)

"Great overall course and it provided a lot of material. Chom is very energetic which helps ensure the class is engaged. She also makes the class fun with her examples. Her English is top-notch which really helps"

--- Alexander, England (Group Class)

"What Chom sets apart from many online Thai Teachers is her outstanding English. That enables her to explain the differences between Thai and English much better than most other Teachers. Her lessons are always well prepared and the teaching material is very good. Highly recommended!"

--- Christopher, Germany

"Learning Thai with Kru Chom has been so much fun! The way she teaches is great and easy to follow along, the exercises are nice and she really knows how to keep students motivated. I highly recommend Kru Chom as a teacher and I'm already looking forward to our next classes together. :)"

--- Matilda , Finland

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