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Thai Fast Track Vol.1
For Beginner

LIVE Class:

Speak Thai in 5 weeks

(Via Zoom)

Only 2,600 THB (260 THB/Hr)

LIVE via ZOOM - Every Live session will be recorded and uploaded on Google Drive Folder after the class. The link will be sent to the students in the group privately. You can re-watch and download it to your computer :)

Group 1: 5 Weeks (2 hrs./session)


Time:  -- AM

(GMT +7:00) Bangkok Time Zone




- No refund after payment

- In case, less than 3 students enroll in the group, the class will be postponed to the next batch on the waiting list or the students can request a refund. If such a case happens, the students will receive an email for further information.



Lesson Plan: Thai Fast Track #1


  1. Introduce Yourself

  • Be able to introduce yourself and understand basic questions

    • Grammar: Pronoun and Possessive
      Family & Friends

  • Construct multiple sentences about Hobbies & Interests

  • Hold the Thai conversation smoothly

  • Grammar: Day & Time


  1. Essential Verbs in Daily Conversation

  2. Understand the most used Thai verbs in daily life

  3. Create passive & active voice sentences with different pronouns

  4. Grammar: Present, Future, Past, Passive & Active Voice

  5. Feelings & Emotions

  6. Vocabulary about expressions and people

  7. Grammar: Have to & Don’t have to/ Must & Must not

  8. Essential Adjectives & Adverbs

  9. Understand word order in Thai grammar

  10. Use adjectives & adverbs to extend the sentences

  11. Grammar: Comparative & Superlative

  12. How to make question #1

  13. Create a question with “What”, “Where”, “How”

  14. How to make question #2

  15. Create a question with “When”, “Who”, “Whose”, “Why”

  16. Conjunction in Thai sentences

  17. Connect the sentences by using a variety of conjunctions

  18. Grammar: and, also, although, because, but, except, if, or, so

  19. Common Phrases & Slang

  20. Grammar: “Gaw” in whatever, whoever, wherever, etc.

  21. Summary and Speaking & Listening Test

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