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Thai Fast Track Vol.2

For Upper-Beginner (LIVE Class)

Online Workshop

LIVE via ZOOM - Every Live session will be recorded and uploaded on Google Drive Folder after the class. The link will be sent to the students in the group privately. You can re-watch and download it to your computer :)


- No refund after payment

- In case, less than 3 students enroll in the group, the class will be postponed to the next batch on the waiting list or the students can request a refund. If such a case happens, the students will receive an email for further information.



Lesson Plan: Thai Fast Track #2


  1. At Work 

    • Learn business vocabulary

    • Grammar: More people/other people/another person / myself/yourself

  2. Places And Transportation

    • Ask and explain the direction

    • Name of places in Thai

    • Grammar: Preposition  


  3. Shopping in Thailand

    • Conversation

    • Grammar: Do & Don’t


  4. Health & At the hospital

    • Create longer sentences/State the opinion

    • Grammar: modal verb


  5. Semi-formal conversation

    • Understand the level of Thai language

    • Grammar: Synonym


  6. How to make questions #1

    • Create a question with “To what extent? / to what point?”

    • Form the answers


  7. How to make questions #2

    • Create a question with “what kind”

    • Form the answers


  8. Request / Using “Hai”

    • Connect the sentences by using a variety of conjunctions

    • Grammar: Let/allow/ make someone do something


  9. Common Phrases & Slang #2

    • Know the ready-to-use Phrases

    • Understand Thai Slang words


  10. Summary and Speaking & Listening Test

Thai Fast Track Timezone

Check Your Timezone

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