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Thai Vocab Drills Course

For Beginner-Intermediate

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LIVE Zoom Class:

NEW “Thai Vocab Drills” in 5 weeks

Every Live session will be recorded and uploaded on Google Drive Folder after the class. The link will be sent to the students in the group privately. You can re-watch and download it to your computer :)

Group 1: 5 Weeks (2 hrs./session)

Fri 08.00 - 10.00 AM

(GMT +7:00) Bangkok Time Zone

Date: Fri 4 June– 2 July

Group 2: 5 Weeks (2 hrs./session)

 Fri 04.00 - 06.00 PM

(GMT +7:00) Bangkok Time Zone

Date: Fri 4 June– 2 July



- No refund after payment

- In case, less than 3 students enroll in the group, the class will be postponed to the next batch on the waiting list or the students can request a refund. If such a case happens, the students will receive an email for further information.




  • Gain confidence in Your Thai Vocabulary Skills

  • Review 14 Key Vocabulary Themes

  • Practice Your Thai Vocabulary with many Exercises

  • Study on-the-go with a free companion flashcard & audio

  • Best of all, gain the confidence to communicate in Thai with fluency and clarify!




1.  Daily Routine

2.  Feeling and emotion

3.  Social Media

4.  Life events

5.  Education

6.  The Office & Business

7.   Banking, Finance, and the economy

8.  Health & Accidents

9.   Food and cooking

10.  House and Home

11.   Family and relationship: describing people

12.  Holidays 

13.  Celebration (Birthday, Wedding, etc.)

14.  Politics

15.  BONUS: Thai Words in 2021

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