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10 English Words Thais Borrow to Use in their language but DIFFERENT meaning

10 English Words that We borrowed to use in Thai (BUT different meaning from the original!) ------------------------------------- Like many languages around the world, Thai language also borrowed some foreign words to use. Some meanings are different from the original one.

Here are 10 words we often use in Thai conversation. Can you guess the meaning?

1.Fit [ฟิต]

2.Bae Bae [เบๆ]

3.O [โอ]

4.In trend [อินเทรนด์]

5. ‘Ver [เว่อร์]

6.Smart [สมาร์ท]

7.Check bill [เช็คบิล]

8.Serious [ซีเรียส]

9.Fan [แฟน]

10.Sport [สปอร์ต]



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