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To enroll in our Thai language classes, please follow these steps:


  • Choose Your Preferred Course Time:

    • Select the course code corresponding to your preferred time (e.g., A2.1 - SP211).
  • Add Subsequent Courses:

    • If you wish to enroll in the full A1 course, select the appropriate code for the next option (e.g., A2.2 - +SP221) and save 600 THB.
  • Alternative Procedure:

    • In the final option, select your alternative choice in case the course can't start.


After purchasing, our teacher will contact you 1 week before the class starts to provide the Zoom link and class materials. We will keep you updated on the class status as we approach the start date. Thank you for choosing to learn with us!


Timezone (Bangkok, GMT +07:00)

Speaking Thai A2 [Zoom Class] Upper-Beginner

  • Unit 11 FESTIVALS
    เทศกาลต่าง ๆ têhd-sa-gaan dtàang dtàang 

    • Thai festivals

    • How to use the words "to know" - รู้ /rúu/ and รู้จัก /rúu-jàk/

    • Telling when you have experience with doing something by using "เคย /khoei/"

    • Tense markers: จะ /jà/, กำลัง /gam-lang/, and แล้ว /láaeo/

    • Making question and answer with "who?" - ใคร /khrai/


    เหตุการณ์สำคัญ hèhd-gaan sǎmkham 

    • Vocabulary: special occasions and sad occasions

    • Express well wishes with "สุขสันต์ /sùk-sǎn/" and "ขอให้ /khǎw hâi/"

    •  Showing the empathy

    • Giving the reason after the word "ขอบคุณ /khàwb-khun/" and "ขอโทษ /khǎw-tôhd/" with the word "ที /tîi/" 


    ผัก / ผลไม้ / สมุนไพร pàk / pǒn-la-máai / sa-mǔn-prai

    •  Vocabulary: Vegetables, fruits, herbs 

    • Conjunctions: and - และ /láe/, กับ /gàb/, แล้วก็ /láaeo gâw/ but - แต่ /dtàae/
      or - หรือ /rěuu/

    •  Ability words: ได้ /dâai/, เปน /bpen/ and ไหว /wǎi/ 


    Unit 14  THAI MASSAGE

    นวดไทย nûad Thai 

    •  Vocabulary about massage and body parts

    •  How to describe pain in Thai: เจ็บ /jèb/, ปวด /bpùad/ and เมือย /mêuai/

    • The usage of ก็ /gâw/ as a conjunction:
      If..., then... - ถ้า...ก็ /tâa...gâw/
      And then - แล้วก็ /láeeo gâw/
      Therefore - ก็เลย /gâw loei/ 

    สุขภาพและโรงพยาบาล sùk-kha-pâab láe rohng pa-yaa-baan

    • Vocabulary about health, hospital, face and symptoms

    • Telling your symptoms to a doctor. 

    • Making question and answer with "since when?" - ตั้งแต่เมื่อไร /dtâng-dtàae mêua-rài?/

    • Taking medicines

    • Selfcare expressions and how to use the repeated words in Thai 

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