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6 Useful Ways to Say "It's worth it" in Thai language "คุ้มค่า"

Our topic today is the word “Worth” in Thai. Here are some sentences you can use in daily conversations with your Thai friends.

1. It’s worth it.


/mun kúm-kâa/

2. It’s worth waiting.


/mun kúm-kâa gàb gan-raw-koy/

3. It’s worth a try.


/mun kúm-kâa tîi jà long/

4. It’s not worth it.


/mun mâi kúm-kâa/

5. It might be hard but it’s worth it.

มันอาจจะยาก แต่มันคุ้มค่า

/mun àad jà yâak / dtàe mun kúm-kâa/

6. Was it worth it? 


/mun kúm-kâa mái?/

Now it's your turn! Create the sentence by using:

“ มันคุ้มค่าที่....(your sentence)...”

/mun kúm-kâa tîi...../

= it’s worth that......


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