6 Useful Ways to Say "It's worth it" in Thai language "คุ้มค่า"

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Our topic today is the word “Worth” in Thai. Here are some sentences you can use in daily conversations with your Thai friends.

1. It’s worth it.


/mun kúm-kâa/

2. It’s worth waiting.


/mun kúm-kâa gàb gan-raw-koy/

3. It’s worth a try.


/mun kúm-kâa tîi jà long/

4. It’s not worth it.


/mun mâi kúm-kâa/

5. It might be hard but it’s worth it.

มันอาจจะยาก แต่มันคุ้มค่า

/mun àad jà yâak / dtàe mun kúm-kâa/

6. Was it worth it? 


/mun kúm-kâa mái?/

Now it's your turn! Create the sentence by using:

“ มันคุ้มค่าที่....(your sentence)...”

/mun kúm-kâa tîi...../

= it’s worth that......

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