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BASIC Thai Grammar Lesson: Should vs Should not

Make your Thai sentence longer! Learn useful Thai Modal verbs "Should" and "Should Not" in this blog and watch the video to learn how to pronounce it correctly :)

Should - ควร [Kuan]


  1. คุณควรพักผ่อนเยอะๆ [Khun Kuan Pak-pon yer yer ] = You should rest a lot.

  2. ชั้นควรไปที่นั่น [Chan Kuan Bpai Tii Naan] = I should go there.

Should not - ไม่ควร [Mai Kuan]


  1. คุณไม่ควรมาสาย [Khun mai kuan maa saai] = You shouldn't come late.

  2. ผมไม่ควรทำแบบนั้น [Pom mai kuan tam baeb naan] = I shouldn't do like that.

More examples in the video!


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