BASIC Thai Grammar Lesson: Should vs Should not

Updated: Nov 1

Make your Thai sentence longer! Learn useful Thai Modal verbs "Should" and "Should Not" in this blog and watch the video to learn how to pronounce it correctly :)

Should - ควร [Kuan]


  1. คุณควรพักผ่อนเยอะๆ [Khun Kuan Pak-pon yer yer ] = You should rest a lot.

  2. ชั้นควรไปที่นั่น [Chan Kuan Bpai Tii Naan] = I should go there.

Should not - ไม่ควร [Mai Kuan]


  1. คุณไม่ควรมาสาย [Khun mai kuan maa saai] = You shouldn't come late.

  2. ผมไม่ควรทำแบบนั้น [Pom mai kuan tam baeb naan] = I shouldn't do like that.

More examples in the video!

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