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Course: Thai Language For Muay Thai Training

(One-Time Payment | Unlimited Access)


“Muay Thai” becomes more and more popular all over the world nowadays! And it is a dream of many Muay Thai practitioners to come and train in Thailand! Would it be better if you learn some basic Thai before arrival? Enjoy more and understand more during the training in your vacations.
This course includes the most necessary lessons you need to know before starting your journey in Thailand. Learn 10 practical lessons (20 topics) that you can use from day 1 in Thailand to the last day before you return home.

Useful sentences in everyday situations with the easiest grammar allow you to spend just a short time learning! Each lesson also provides an exercise to test your understanding. Enhance your travel experience when you understand some Thai. Let’s start now!

  • Learn Real-life Conversation (Inside and Outside the gym)

  • Know how to call all Muay Thai Weapons and Words in Competition

  • Have Better Communication with your Thai trainers and Thai friends!

  • Get Around the City and Speak Thai with Confidence with Local

  • Enhance Your Travel Experience & Life in Thailand

Who should take this course:

  • Muay Thai Practitioners, Fighters, Trainers

  • Anyone who is interested and plans to come to train in Thailand

  • Fighters who are now training in Thailand and want to understand more Thai

  • Students who want to improve Thai speaking skill.

Content: 10 lessons (20 topics)

  1. Start Your Muay Thai Journey on Your First Day

  2. Get Muay Thai Gear and Equipment

  3. Know Muay Thai Weapons

  4. Communicate with your “Kru” (trainers) in Thailand

  5. Counting Number

  6. Experience: Around the Ring

  7. Fighter’s Name in Thailand

  8. Belief & Sak Yant Tattoo

  9. Words for Life in Training Camp

  10. Friendship in Thailand

thai for muay thai traning book

Watch Demo: Unit 1

sample lesson
(FREE) Download Sample Lesson Unit 1 "Thai Language for Muay Thai Training"
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